New RPS Personalized Signature Bundle available! Get them before it ends!

***UPDATE*** A New $24.99 Personalized Signature Bundle is now available for a limited time!

***UPDATE*** Please check the article for information regarding the BONUS 1-of-1 Personalized Compensation cards!***

The 2019 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot is almost here! Dunk will be there to give collectors a special chance to receive Personalized Signatures along with Signature cards from all 40 attendees.

Each Personalized Signature card will be a 1-of-1 unique card signed by the player at the NBA Rookie Photo Shoot. 5 personalized cards of each player will be made available. Each completed card will be a unique 1-of-1 card made out personally to you! The Gold Signature inserts will be limited 100 copies each. Each placeholder card has been assigned to a player attending the Photo Shoot.

Collectors will have the opportunity to purchase special redemption card placeholders starting today! 38 players that are scheduled to attend the NBA Rookie Photo Shoot will have cards available. Buyers will have the choice of having the card personalized to their Dunk username or name of their choice (limited to 30 characters). Any offensive names or usernames will not be permitted. In the event a player is unable to sign the card or does not attend, users will be contacted for appropriate compensation.

These cards are available to Registered Users only any users that purchase the cards that are not registered will be required to register their accounts.

In addition to the 38 individual cards there will also be a Triple Signature insert available! This card will be available in both personalized and gold variations:

Draft Night Personalizations will be available until Thursday August 8th. There will be 5 personalized reservation cards available for each player

Gold Signature Reservations will be limited to 50 each and available until all have been sold.

Placeholder redemption cards are now available in the Deal Store! Personalized Packs will expire on 8/8/2019 at 11:59pm CST. There will be two ways to acquire the Instant Personalized Signature and Gold Signature cards:

  • RPS Personalized Only Pack – $24.99 – Includes 1 random Personalized Signature
  • Gold Signature Pack – $4.99 – Contains 1 random Gold Signature card per pack

Personalization Packs will expire on 8/8/2019 at 11:59pm CST. You will have until August 8th to trade your placeholder cards if desired. Owners of the placeholder cards will be contacted on 8/9 through in app messaging for the name they would like personalized on the card. Users have the option of using their Dunk username or a custom name (30 character limit). If you do not submit a custom name or the custom name does not adhere to the 30 character limit, your Dunk username will be used as a default.

The cards will be signed by the athletes at the NBA Rookie Photo Shoot on Sunday 8/11 and completed cards will be added to user collections the following week.