Aaron Gordon Birds Eye View


Aaron Gordon
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The NBA Season is underway and this week we will be releasing new digital version of popular cards currently found in this year’s physical NBA HOOPS set! Today’s set shows gives us a look at the league’s best from above the rim. Bird’s Eye View features some of the leagues top stars with amazing photos from up high! Bird’s Eye View is a 10 card set with a new card releasing every day. There will be two variations of each card – Silver and Gold. Once a new card is released the previous card will be retired.

The Bird’s Eye View set consists of the following players:

  1. Russell Westbrook -SOLD OUT
  2. Jimmy Butler – SOLD OUT
  3. Kristaps Porzingis – SOLD OUT
  4. Zach LaVine – SOLD OUT
  5. Aaron Gordon – AVAILABLE NOW
  6. Anthony Davis
  7. Andre Drummond
  8. Blake Griffin
  9. Kawhi Leonard
  10. Justise Winslow

Collectors that can obtain all 10 Bird’s Eye View inserts in a specific variant by 11:59 pm EST on 11/6/2016 will receive a LeBron James Reward Card in that matching variant! For example, collecting all 10 silver will earn you the silver LeBron Reward. Please note, only one reward card will be given per account.

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Bird’s Eye View inserts can only be found in the following packs:

  • Bird’s Eye View Pack – 1:10 packs for silver and 1:25 packs for gold on average
  • VIP All-Access Pack – 1:10 packs for silver and 1:25 packs for gold on average

To gain access to the VIP All-Access pack, make any coin purchase. VIP Status is good for 24 hours.