Absolute Established Threads Pack Battle Exclusive Set!

Absolute Pack Battle Exclusive Set!

We have just added a new Immaculate pack to the Dunk Pack Battles! These packs have brand new exclusive Immaculate inserts that can only be won through the Pack Battle feature! Challenge your fellow Dunk users and play for keeps! Match cards against each other, compare stats and the winner of the stat battle keeps cards!

Look for these new Absolute Pack Battle exclusive inserts in the Pack Battle Store today!

Established Threads – A brand new Absolute set available only in the Absolute Established Threads Battle Packs

  • Established Threads – 60 cards – Contains a 10x Multiplier
  • Established Threads Prime – 60 cards – Contains a 15x Multiplier


Each Absolute Established Threads Prime Battle pack costs 5000 coins and contains the following:

  • 1 Guaranteed Established Threads per pack
  • 1 Guaranteed Established Threads Prime per pack
  • 1 Guaranteed Maroon Base Variation per pack
  • 1 Guaranteed Absolute Rookie per pack