Case Breaks Now Available in the new Dunk Update!

Case Breaks now available in the new Dunk Update!

Case Breaks have arrived on Dunk! You can participate in Group Breaks on the latest version of Dunk which is available now in the iOS App Store and Google Play store! Now you can purchase team spots in case breaks and reap the benefits of all cards pulled from that team! Team prices vary based on popularity and amount of total inserts available. Also, If you purchase a team spot via an in-app purchase (real money), you are guaranteed a coin bonus if your team spot results in no inserts!

You can join breaks, watch completed breaks or just skip to a break summary to see how many insert cards you were awarded!

Case breaks will add to your collection all base cards, insert cards, signature cards and memorabilia cards pulled from the break that feature the team you purchased. In the event cards are pulled of a team that was not selected by the scheduled break start time, those cards will be put back into circulation for future breaks.

To start things off, we have a Donruss and Ascension Case Breaks available to users

The Ascension Case break includes 500 cards which includes the following:

  • 24 Signature inserts
    48 Rookies
    24 Rookie Variations
    12 Throwbacks
    1 Reaching New Heights Exclusive
    32 Inserts
    Over 80 contest cards

The Donruss Case break includes over 4,000 cards which includes the following:

  • 4 Rookie Material Autographs
    36 Memorabilia Cards
    80 Signatures
    Over 600 Contest Base Variations
    Over 100 Inserts

The Donruss Mini Case break includes over 7,000 cards which includes the following:

  • 1 Rookie Material Autographs
    12 Memorabilia Cards
    30 Signatures
    Over 100 Contest Base Variations
    Over 30 Inserts

We’ll have more Dunk products in our Case Break feature very soon! Pick your team, sit back and enjoy watching the cards from your team being added to your collection!