Contests are back on Dunk 2023-24, NBA Season

The NBA contest is back, and the courts come alive as fans fill the stands, with basketball returning to the lands. The sound of sneakers on the hardwood floor echoes through arenas like never before.

Players dribble, pass, and shoot with might, while rivalries reignite, teams rise, and stars shine brighter than ever before. From free throw shots to jump shots, the NBA contest is a spectacle that never calms.

Three-pointers rain down like shooting stars, as fans cheer and chant, their passion unbars. The game’s impact reaches far and wide, bringing communities together side by side

Pro Tip: Keep in mind these rules as you create your winning teams!

– Multiplier Cap: To bring more strategy to the contests we have implemented multiplier limits to contests. The sum of your bonus multipliers cannot exceed the limit. For example, if the multiplier limit is 50, then the sum of all your Contest Multiplier cards (i.e. 2x, 5x, 10x) cannot exceed 50. Premium contests will have higher limits while Free Contests will be lower to give everyone a chance! Be sure to keep an eye on the multiplier indicator to ensure you are under the “cap”.
– Captains: After you have set your team, you can now choose a Team Captain. Captains will get an additional 2x Bonus for their scoring! Choose carefully because you can only choose one!

– Multiple entries: For any contest, users can now enter as many lineups as they would like! 

– Tie-Breaking Rule: In the event that multiple users finish with the same score, the average Power Ranking of cards used by users will be the deciding factor for placement in the contest leaderboard.

As each individual card in the app has its own unique Power Ranking, this stat will be used as the tie-breaker. For example, if 5 users finish with a Contest score of 8,000 points. The winner will be decided by taking the average of the Power Ranking from the cards used by the users in the contest.

We hope this clarifies the rules for Contests, and that you continue to enjoy the module during the NBA matchups!