NBA Rookie Photo Shoot Personalized Signature Compensation

We understand that some of our users may have been disappointed that they did not receive the inscription they wanted. Unfortunately due to technical issues, time constraints and other issues beyond our means, some players were unable to give the desired inscription. We also understand that users had the intention of trading cards with the requested inscription. Due to the number of athletes that were unable to give requested inscriptions we have something special for our customers.

To compensate for the high number of signatures that did not get made as requested, we are going to give all users who purchased a Personalized Signature a 1-of-1 unique ink color Live Signature variation of the player they had. Each card will come in Red, Blue, Green, Purple, or Silver ink variations and each card will be a 1-of-1. These cards will be added to your collections in the coming days.

For example, if you had a RJ Barrett Personalized Signature you will also receive an additional 1-of-1 ink color variation. In the case of users having multiples of a player or multiple users having the same player, the color will be changed for each user so they truly have their own new 1-of-1 card!

We apologize for the inconvenience but hope these new 1-of-1 cards help your enjoyment of these unique one of a kind cards! You can expect to see them in your collections within a week.