New Rated Rookies



The latest Rated Rookies are now available! The set features the top rookies of the 2015-16 NBA season. There are only 3000 of each Rated Rookie insert available. Every other day, two new Rated Rookies inserts will be released.

There are 30 total cards in the Rated Rookies set: By collecting all 30 cards, you’ll receive a special 5 card Gold Rated Rookies Reward set!

Today’s two Rated Rookie cards are – Karl-Anthony Towns and Larry Nance Jr.

Rated Rookies inserts can be found in the Standard Dunk packs (1:10 odds) and Prestige packs (1:6 odds).. You can also pull Rated Rookies in Super Dunk packs (1:5 odds) and Prestige Super Pack (1:3 odds)