The new 2023-24 Dunk Base Set has arrived!

The 2023-24 NBA regular season has begun! We have some exciting things coming to Dunk for the 2023-24 season.

To kickstart your 2023-24 collection, we have a brand new 2023-24 Dunk base set for you to collect. Head to the Dunk store and start your collection today. There are 180 cards in the set available!

The 2023-24 Dunk set is available in 4 variations – Base, Bronze, Silver and Gold and each has a special Contest Bonus multiplier for use to start using them in the Dunk contests starting today!

Collect all 180 cards for the 2023-24 Dunk set! 2023-24 Dunk cards are currently available in two packs:

2023-24 Dunk Pack – Each pack includes 4 cards plus 1 Bronze or Silver variation

2023-24 Dunk VIP Pack – Each pack includes 4 cards plus 1 Bronze, Silver or Gold variation

To get VIP status, make any coin purchase from the Dunk coin store!