You can’t win if you don’t play!!

It’s All Knotted Up! Who will take the crucial games 5 & 6? Load your lineups and play along for big prizes, and a Contenders physical box on Dunk!

Participate in the weekly contests to score some Prizm Tiger Stripe exclusives! Cards will be numbered later.

There are 3 ways to earn Tiger Stripe Prizm exclusives:

  • FREE Weekly Contest: Join a Free Weekly Contest, get 1 guaranteed Prizm Tiger Stripe Insert – Limit 1 per user
  • COIN ENTRY: Join a Coin Entry contest and get 2 guaranteed Prizm Tiger Stripe Inserts per pack for each entry
  • PREMIUM ENTRY: Join a Premium Pay contest, get 5 guaranteed Prizm Tiger Stripe Inserts per pack for each entry


Stay on the lookout for the daily contests as they drop and enter to unlock your free pack! You will be given a pack for each of your teams, as per the contest category. No limitations on Coin and Premium Contest entries! More lineups, more cards!

Note: All eligible users of the week will be cumulatively rewarded once the ongoing NBA week completes. The packs will be given out on the following Monday at 10 AM Central Time. We will notify the eligible users once the pack(s) have been added to their inventory.

Set up your teams in the Dunk contests and unlock cards from the Contest Exclusive Prizm Tiger Stripe set. Collect all 300 players!

Note: This promotion ends on 20th Jul. The last reward distribution will be on the 22nd of July. With the NBA season’s completion, Dunk contests will remain closed until the next 2021-22 NBA games begin.

We appreciate your participation in the Dunk contests and once again, congratulate all the Dunk Hall of Famers of this season!