Update – Dunk 2016 Transfer

Dunk Transfer Update

***Update – Due to technical issues the next migration has been delayed until 2/1/2018. We apologize for the delay and are working hard to get the final users transferred over and transferred correctly.***

As many of our users have noticed, the Dunk 2016 transfer has been underway this past month. Many Dunk users have already had their coins and cards transferred. Due to some complications with Facebook, Twitter and Google + logins, we did encounter issues for successful transfers on those accounts. This was mainly due to users with multiple accounts.

Users may be wondering where their Dunk 2016 coins and cards are. Fear not, the transfer is still in progress and they are on the way as well. These remaining users will have coins and cards transferred based on the schedule below:

  • Dunk 2016 users that used Facebook login – Target transfer completion is now slated forĀ  Feb 1st. Some Facebook accounts have already transferred and all remaining Facebook logins should be completed by Jan Feb 1st.

We plan to have all users completely transferred with both cards and coins by early February. We appreciate your patience during this process and hope to have all your assets moved over soon.